Our values and environmental social governance (ESG)

We at Circlon I group have defined values for all companies in our group.
The principles formulated in our Code of Conduct reflect our desired interaction with colleagues and customers as well as partners and suppliers and serve as an essential guide for every action in our day-to-day work. In this way, the Circlon I group would like to make a significant contribution to strengthening itself as a company and sustainably sharpening its brands. Only in this way can we live up to our claim of being the best supplier on the market and the best partner for our customers.


The Circlon | group has a strong customer orientation.
We see the satisfaction of our customers as a key factor in the success of the group. The outcomes of the actions of all employees are therefore assessed for their usefulness to the customer.
Our customers rightly demand moral and ethical integrity from us. In line with our customer orientation, we in turn demand the same of our employees, business partners and suppliers.

The Circlon | group takes responsibility.
Each and every employee takes responsibility and plays their part in achieving the company’s goals. We abide by laws, regulations and internal policies.
We are always truthful in our dealings with business partners, suppliers and colleagues, and we keep our promises.
This is the only way we can meet our claim to be the best provider on the market.


The Circlon | group encourages respect, trust and fairness.
These values are founded on mutual trust. They also create an expectation on our business partners to establish similar behaviour policies in respect of lawfulness, moral values and sustainability.
We do not tolerate forced labour or the employment of persons below the minimum working age. In the event of a breach of these fundamental requirements, we reserve the right to refuse further cooperation.
Our performance is what counts. For us, fairness means rejecting bribery and corruption as well as personal dependencies, obligations or influence through the acceptance of gifts, payments or other benefits.


The Circlon | group tolerates dissent.
Everyone is to be able to express differences of opinion. This is the only way to find the best solution in tough competition.
Free and open communication promotes our principle of mutual trust and the understanding of seeing change as an opportunity.
lexibility and an ability to change are the most important prerequisites if we are to be the best partner for our customers.


The Circlon | group strengthens employees.
Our employees are the most important factor in our success. We promote and develop our employees, invest in continuous and further training and offer the prospect of personal development.
Equality of opportunity and treatment are a matter of course for us. We welcome the cultural and ethnic diversity in our company and reject all forms of discrimination (e.g. based on sex, skin colour, culture or religious association).


The Circlon | group supports sustainability.
Sustainability is important for lasting economic success. We see it as our task to protect the environment and be sparing in our use of resources.
The implementation of these measures is promoted by the elimination of company vehicles with diesel engines, conversion of the water supply for the workforce with a sustainable system and the way we handle paper ("paperless office", proper disposal of cardboard boxes).


The Circlon | group assumes social responsibility.
It forms the basis for the perception of social and ecological responsibility. As an IT company, we are particularly aware of our responsibility when handling confidential information.
In our data protection and information security policy we undertake to comply with the relevant national and international data protection requirements.
We have also introduced an Information Security Management System (ISMS) compliant with ISO/IEC 27001 in order to identify and control risks caused by the use of IT.
We treat confidential information with the utmost care. Personal data is processed exclusively on the basis of the legal basis of the DSGVO and country-specific data protection regulations.


The Circlon | group retains entrepreneurial independence.
As a responsible company, we are committed to fair competition.
We do not reach agreements with competitors on prices or market fixing, and we abide by the applicable laws.

Entry into force and scope
This Code of Conduct is issued by the companies of the Circlon I group, each represented by the management.
The employees and business partners are responsible for complying with the behaviour policies and hence the values of the company.