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From consulting to individual concept creation and development to support and optimisation:

We immerse ourselves in your world to understand exactly what your requirements are and what benefits our solutions need to provide. At the same time, we are also part of your everyday work in order to understand and question processes. Because "Know more. Do better." is not just a phrase to us - it is our core motivation.

All in one

We always think one step ahead. That is why every single product we offer has an interface that enables the networked interaction of mobile data collection devices with compatible software solutions, making your processes even more efficient. This is not only intelligent, but also simplifies your life. Because you save a lot of time and can concentrate on the essential things.

For the perfect overview

The core is our One Platform, which can be built up individually according to customer requirements. The technical substructure forms the basis. The Circlon | Track & Trace modules (loading, transport, unloading, returns, etc.) can be configured and selected directly based on your processes. Here you can benefit from our process know-how and established best practices. Special requests are then implemented in the customised modules. In combination with our device management, you always have complete control over all processes and your devices.

Our customers:


From simple to highly complex

Circlon | Track & Trace is the internal and external tracing of parcels and loading units. At first, that may not sound so exciting. But at the end of the day, a smooth goods delivery process decides whether a customer is satisfied or not. Circlon | Track & Trace takes care of the collection and aggregation of all relevant data for you.

From shipment tracking to GPS positioning, you always have an optimal overview, are informed at all times and can optimise your processes individually based on the insights gained. If needed, we can be reached around the clock. This results in time savings, cost reductions and satisfied customers.





It could not be simpler

With Circlon | go you can track shipments with little effort. The cloud solution is immediately ready for use without additional investments and your own infrastructure. The operating system-independent application for smartphones makes it possible to track goods - even those from external carriers - without a large investment.

Circlon Go

Circlon | go features

Shipment tracking without great effort:

  • No additional investment required
  • Cloud solution with security management
  • Applicable without own infrastructure

Download Circlon | go to your smartphone


Your quality promise is very important to us

In many market segments, such as food and pharmaceutical transports, temperature monitoring of the cargo is essential. Because ultimately, the health of your customers is at stake here. With Circlon | cool control it is documented that the goods were sufficiently cooled during transport, when the truck was opened and where the cooled goods are currently located. All this happens fully automatically. The minimal maintenance effort, high degree of configuration and low acquisition costs set Circlon | cool control apart from similar products.


Individual down to the smallest detail

With Circlon | capture you can now capture your data in an even more structured way and tailored to your individual needs. The data can be forwarded to any customer system via share or interface, for example to record damage at goods received and report this to an ERP system. Circlon | capture adapts to your individual requirements both in terms of design and the structure of the data to be captured.


Everything in sight

Our intelligent IT management solutions ensure that you always have a complete overview of your mobile device fleet, wherever you are. You can track, manage and optimise your devices at any time. Because you always know which devices are currently where and in which condition.


Next level of digitalisation

Operate supports you in the successive digitalisation of your operational processes and at the same time enables company-wide registration of all mobile devices. Circlon I operate gives you an overview of the status of your devices at all times and in all places, while at the same time improving your level of digitalisation. Which device is currently being serviced? What are my service contracts for my devices? Are any devices defective? If so: Simply use the integrated interface to the repair centres. Through comprehensible reporting in real time, you collect valuable data with which processes can be optimised transparently and easily. And in the end, this saves you and your customers time and money.


You have not found your solution? No problem!

We are experts in creating individual software that is tailored to your customer requirements. Tell us your requirements and we will develop the software that gives you the most benefit.

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