The more the merrier

The Circlon | group is expanding with two new employees: Axel Strang and Maik Selzer are our new additions in Sales and Professional Services.

Knight of the expert round

Maik Selzer joins the Circlon | group as Professional Services Expert

The Circlon | group brings together experts in software, hardware and WLAN to develop forward-looking solutions for the transport, logistics, retail, healthcare, industry, production, waste disposal and field service sectors. Maik Selzer is now one of these experts.

Complex WiFi solutions? Challenge accepted
Maik is responsible for planning and installing complex, industrial WiFi solutions, as well as analysing and fault rectification. Maik specialises in working with Extreme Networks products, with a particular focus on the cloud service. Maik also handles the planning and implementation of MDM solutions in the area of Soti MobiControl.

A private space to retreat can work wonders
In his freetime, Maik pursues a hobby called LARP (Live Action Role Playing). At regular conventions lasting several days, thousands to tens of thousands of people come together and immerse themselves in a medieval fantasy world - with elaborate costumes, authentic food and elaborate storylines. Modernity is left out - and forms an exciting contrast to the highly technical professional world.

IT specialist with passion
Maik is not the type for a calculated career. He seeks his vocation in his profession, which is also evident in his professional career. Already during his apprenticeship as an IT specialist for system integration, he got involved in wireless networking. This is also where he met our current Manager Professional Services, Pascal Meger, who has now reunited with his former companion at Circlon | group. Before that, Maik always followed his instincts. He tried out a new direction in 1st and 2nd level support, where he did not find the desired fulfilment. We wish Maik that he will now find it with us. His know-how and his passion for the industry will certainly bring the Circlon | Group forward.  


Sales reinforcement

Axel Strang is the new Sales Assistant at the Circlon I group.

The Circlon I group is expanding its team with Axel Strang in the position of sales assistant. Axel has a wide range of professional experience and can apply his knowledge efficiently in his new role.

Wide range of duties
As a sales assistant, there is a lot of administrative work to be done: On the agenda are customer service, processing orders and returns, and order processing including the creation of delivery bills and invoices. Axel takes care of general clerical tasks as well as operating the switchboard. But the tasks of a sales assistant at Circlon I group also include checking supplier invoices and incoming goods, as well as preparing and following up quotations in cooperation with the sales department.

Hands-on mentality
Team spirit and organizational talent, a high level of analytical skills and knowledge of data processing: Axel Strang meets all these requirements making him ideally suited for his new role at the Circlon I group. In addition to his training as an office management assistant 4.0, he is also a trained glazier and automotive service mechanic. This means that he not only makes an important contribution to the continuous development of the Circlon I group, but can also help out with completely different problems. We are happy to have Axel in the team and wish him a great and successful time.


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