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Our finance man

The new CFO is a familiar face: Norbert Prakken takes over the role.

Norbert has been part of the Circlon | Group since 2016 and we are pleased to introduce him as our new CFO. Born in Cologne, he is not unknown in finance and team management. He has occupied several leadership positions and has a wide variety of professional skills, particularly in Controlling. These are experiences he can efficiently implement in his new position and lead the Circlon | Group towards the future.

More than just master of the coin.

The main task of a CFO is financial risk management. He is also responsible for all financial planning, precise accounting, and financial reporting. However, being a CFO means more than finances, and not just quarterly reports, but strategic and networked thinking, identifying opportunities and threats at an early phase, and implementing appropriate measures in a global market. Here, Norbert benefits not only because of his professional knowledge, in addition, he has been with the company for six years. He knows the internal processes and is aware of what is important for the Circlon | Group.

Invaluable: good soft skills.

As CFO Norbert is involved in numerous tasks full of processes that need to be checked and optimized. Sovereignty is required, along with - as a real leader - social skills, diligence, and an excellent sense of people. Those are all qualities that Norbert brings with him besides being a natural talent, along with the decades of practice and experience he has built up in various positions as a team and department manager.
The Circlon | Group looks forward to a successful future and congratulates him for his personal growth.


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