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2022 international specialist trade fair for intralogistics solutions and process management in Stuttgart – this year's highlight: our CIRCLON I mobility connect. A review.


Recruitment for the Mobility Connect development team and an addition to the Track & Trace department at the same time

The Circlon Group's Mobility Connect development team has a new recruit: and at a double level to boot.


Recruitments in Management Control and Software Development

The Circlon I group adds to the workforce with Eileen Wahner in Management Control, and Frank Königstein and Zhang Xue Ye in Software Development.


Google introduces scoped storage

With the launch of Android 11, Google will introduce "scooped storage", which will fundamentally change the way in which an app accesses data.


Going all out with an integrated approach. 3 in one fell swoop

Circlon I group recruits Reza Sieth as Director of Project Management for Mobile Solutions & Marketing, and Neda Larisch and Yusuf Kasapoglu join the team as new Software Developers.

2D barcodes: Good to know

Two-dimensional codes include code types like the QR code, known by many users from private usage, but there is also what is referred to as the Data Matrix code too.


Solar GPS tracker

With our customer of the Gras Group we show how quickly our solar GPS tracker is installed. In less than 3 minutes the independent tracker is installed flush with the roof cross beams, and is therefore safely connected to the swap body. (...)

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