Rollout of mobile devices

Seamless transition to new hardware and software

We have been implementing rollouts as independent projects since 2013. Because the organisational effort involved can be considerable and therefore a time-critical factor. The processes are highly dynamic and every single rollout is individual and unique. With this approach, in addition to many other advantages, you always have an experienced and reliable project manager at your side as a central contact person.

Our project managers pull all the strings and take care of the entire organisation: This includes the coordination with you and suppliers, the preparation of a rollout plan, the staff deployment schedule and the calculation of the total expenditure for billing. Due to client-side dependencies, many things have to be agreed upon and coordinated meticulously so that the commissioning of the devices can take place smoothly by the set deadline. .


Our experienced project managers have the highly dynamic processes safely under control

Once the rollout process has been approved and commissioned by you, we can start fine-tuning with the suppliers of mobile devices, accessories, SIM cards and software licences. Depending on the supplier, delivery times can be as long as several weeks. This is why clarifying product availability and delivery times is an important step. Following this coordination and the delivery of all required components, the Staging takes place.

In contrast to staging, rollout is not so much about technical competence, but rather about the organisational skills of the project manager, who must ensure that the quantity structure and delivery dates are precisely coordinated. In most cases, the time window is very narrow – hardly any time should be lost between delivery and commissioning because, on the one hand, goods that are not used generate unnecessary costs and, on the other hand, parallel running times of service contracts as well as redundant software licensing are usually not tolerated.


Plan first, then deliver

A detailed rollout plan is drawn up in close coordination with you. In the process, the deadlines and the quantity structure are determined. This also includes coordinating the delivery locations and prioritising the delivery of the specified quantities. There is no standard procedure - single process steps are defined individually with the customer in iterative steps. The experience of our project managers is particularly important here, as they have to reconcile all the requirements.

Oft ist ein Rollout mit neuen bzw. geänderten Prozessabläufen im Feld verbunden. Deshalb wird das Timing für den Einsatz der neuen Geräte und der Erfolg des Rollouts immer auch von den Ressourcen von Ihnen mitbestimmt, beispielsweise bei der Inbetriebnahme der Geräte vor Ort. Mit einer gut durchdachten Personaleinsatzplanung, die sich aus dem Timing und der angestrebten Produktverfügbarkeit ergibt, stellen wir sicher, dass immer ein qualifiziertes Team zur Verfügung steht, um die gesteckten Etappenziele beim Rollout zu erreichen.

A rollout often involves new or changed processes in the field. Therefore, the timing for the implementation of the new devices and the success of the rollout also depends on your resources, for example when commissioning the devices on site. A well-planned staff deployment schedule, which is based on the timing and the targeted product availability, ensures that a qualified team is always on hand to achieve the set milestones during the rollout..

Within the framework of a risk analysis, we determine how large the buffer must be in terms of time and hardware to manage an efficient delivery or seamless device exchange. Quality assurance already takes effect in this phase: A detailed process description is followed by extensive documentation. During delivery, the route of the products from the supplier to you is closely monitored, recorded in the Circlon | operate portal and the proper course of the delivery is verified by random checks. The inclusion of all relevant information in the ITSM platform Circlon | operate, for example serial numbers, accessories and places of use, creates a high level of transparency in the rollout process and is the basis for detailed reporting to you. As a rule, the rollout process ends when the mobile devices arrive at your premises. Usually, you will then take care of the commissioning yourself. But here, too, we can offer support through a close-knit partner network and ensure that the new solution can be put into practice quickly.


Reliable handling thanks to years of experience

Aufgrund jahrelanger Erfahrung können wir auch umfangreiche Rollouts mit mehreren tausend Geräten zuverlässig meistern. So haben wir beispielsweise für DPD 12.000 Geräte und für Hermes Paketshop sogar 17.000 Geräte innerhalb eines halben Jahres ausgeliefert.

Thanks to many years of experience, we can also reliably master extensive rollouts involving several thousand devices. For example, we delivered 12,000 devices for DPD and even 17,000 devices for Hermes Paketshop within half a year. Are you interested in new ways in the digital age using intelligent IT service management for your mobile devices? For more information on our services, click here.
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