Recruitments in Management Control and Software Development

The Circlon I group adds to the workforce with Eileen Wahner in Management Control, and Frank Königstein and Zhang Xue Ye in Software Development.

A new face at the Circlon I group: Eileen Wahner provides efficient perspective in her role as the new Head of Finance & Controlling.

IManagement Control is a field which employs personnel who deal specifically with the monitoring, planning and control of the company's goals. They generate information from company figures which are subjected to specific analyses and reports, and in turn are the basis for corporate decision-making. The Circlon I group has been able to recruit Eileen Wahner to fill a new essential position within the company. Her particular strengths are a high degree of determination and self-sufficiency, and a notable knack for communication and teamwork.

An increase in efficiency and an advisory function: both internally and externally

Eileen Wahner's high level of personal motivation and her great analytical capacity when it comes to seeing the big picture in the world of figures are the skills which are to lead the Circlon I group into the future with lasting efficiency in the field of Finance & Controlling. In her new role, Eileen takes on an important key position in the company as her excellent feel for figures holds great relevance and importance for the Circlon | group.  

Changed by digitisation: Management Control nowadays is much more detailed than one might imagine.

Whereas in the past it was primarily about checking business figures, the tasks nowadays are significantly more detailed: Alongside the compilation of analyses, reports and annual accounts, and cost planning, budgeting and monitoring, forecasts also have to be compiled and monitored. In her role as Head of Finance & Controlling, Eileen Wahner is responsible for ad hoc analyses which are created exactly for the given situation and are essential and indispensable for various planning tasks. In particular, it's all about terms, such as liquidity planning, profit-and-loss and budgetary planning. Eileen has a broad range of skills – a major gain for the Circlon I group.

The journey is its own reward – very clear visions for the future with the Circlon I group.

Over the next few months, Eileen Wahner would like to focus on identifying potential areas of improvement and deriving recommendations for action for the company. With the help of close coordination and collaboration with company management, risks are assessed, potential is filtered, optimised and further developed. An important milestone in the course of further development and optimisation of Management Control processes within the Circlon I group has thus been set.

Frank Königstein is one of two new Software Developers recruited with a view to making technical progress in the software team at the Circlon I group.

At the Circlon I group progress is a priority. As a Software Developer, the new recruit in the field of technical progress, Frank Königstein, plays a decisive role when it comes to the conceptualisation, implementation and maintenance of various applications and software. His tasks will be cover classical purposes in the Circlon I group's mobile apps or operating systems.

Creating modern IT solutions together

Innovative and futuristic projects form the IT of the future: in the process, solutions are always agile, innovative and precise. The same goes for the new member of the Software Development team. Having developed systems for mobile data capture for companies in trade and transport logistics using Kotlin (in the front end), and supervised and developed applications for group collaboration using Java (back end), Frank Königstein has already been able to gain essential and innovative career experience. He adds that much-needed precise, agile and fast-moving knowledge to our team, which will allow him to integrate and develop further. A valuable contribution for the further development of the Circlon I group in this field.

The utmost care for new approaches and software with optimum usefulness:

The primary goal for Frank Königstein within the scope of his role as Software Developer: "(…) I would like to create software which is as useful as possible with little fuss because software is not useful until it is working properly and making use of the available resources for the task in an efficient and consciously careful manner while it is in use," Frank Königstein says in relation to his daily work. Why does software development need more care? We at the Circlon I group say quite simply: "In an economy which is almost completely interconnected, programming errors often have serious consequences". Frank Königstein will help his team make an essential contribution to the development of new approaches which, thanks to the utmost care, will be able to prevent programming errors. The Circlon I group sees this approach as an essential opportunity to become established in the field of software development in a broader and more modern way, thus being in ideal shape in the long term.


Updates from the Software department. With immediate effect, Zhang Xue Ye is a new Software Developer at the Circlon I group.

Our experts for software, hardware and WLAN develop groundbreaking solutions in the sectors of transport, logistics, trade, healthcare, industry, production, waste & disposal and field service. At the same time, it is essentially all about individually designed and programmed mobile applications; the new day-to-day business for new recruit Zhang Xue Ye.

The large diversity of software development at the Circlon I group: here, the employee is always on the ball.

Alongside the analysis of customer requirements, Zhang's daily agenda now also includes the development of individual IT solutions and implementation with modern development tools. In the field of Software Development, as an information technology specialist, Zhang Xue Ye is responsible for conceptualising software and applications. Moreover, applications have to be implemented and maintained. With the help of his technical understanding and feel for state-of-the-art solutions, we at the Circlon I group are very confident that the company's further development will also see us establish ourselves in the ideal manner in this field.

As extensive as a software developer

Acceptance and a willingness to learn. … communication skills but with concentration on the matter in hand at the same time. ... Curiosity. ... Ability to work as part of a team. … vision. ... Zhang Xue Ye. We at the Circlon I group attach great importance to these top skills in particular in our software departments. It is precisely these extensive properties which allow us to dive deep into the customer's world with real purpose. We at the Circlon I group understand the requirements of our customers and are thus able to derive the benefits which our services have to provide, in the most efficient manner possible. We are excited to have been able to recruit Zhang Xue Ye.









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