New additions from all directions

Kolja Saalfeld and Matthias Söhnholz strengthen us in internal sales and development.

Everything for the customer, everything for the Group


Kolja Saalfeld joins the internal sales team.
Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Circlon | group, from the first contact to the complete rollout and beyond. So it's no wonder that customer service is at the top of Kolja's list of tasks in internal sales.

Our sales people are all-round talents
In addition to customer service, the entire order processing, from the preparation of quotations to orders, returns, the preparation of delivery notes and invoices to the checking of supplier invoices, is part of the tasks in the internal sales department. In addition, there are clerical tasks, secretarial duties, the switchboard, incoming goods inspections and so on. That's where you need real all-rounders like Kolja.

Driven by curiosity
The Dortmund-born began his career as a trained sign and light advertising manufacturer and started his own online shop and retail business in 2013, which he ran until the end of 2019. It was here that he first set foot in the commercial world and in 2018 decided to fully commit to this path with an apprenticeship in industrial sales. He can put this open-mindedness and life experience to good use, especially in the versatile internal sales team, and strengthen the Circlon | group not only in terms of personnel, but also as a person. Welcome on board!


Matthias Söhnholz - No development without developers
Matthias is a developer through and through - and is therefore an ideal fit for Circlon. Here he can use his passion to design and programme applications for our individually tailored complete solutions that make our customers' processes more efficient.

Learned from the bottom up
Matthias is a trained computer scientist and has been working in development since 2013, from backend to frontend to Android, with a wide variety of programming languages and tools. And now he is shaping the future of mobile data collection with the Circlon | group. In the development process, he keeps track of everything from overall architecture to performance and user interface to quality assurance.

A loyal visionary
Since starting his apprenticeship in 2013, Matthias has remained with his last employer. We value this sense of loyalty very much and are glad that Matthias' drive for new, well, developments has led him to us after all. With his versatile knowledge, whether PHP, Javascript, Titanium or Kotlin, he is a real asset to the Circlon | group.

Faithful visionary
Since beginning his training in 2013, Matthias has stayed loyal to his last employer. We value this loyalty highly and are pleased Matthias' urge for new, good developments led him to us after all. With his varied knowledge, whether PHP, Javascript, Titanium or Kotlin, he is a genuine enrichment for the Circlon | Group.

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