Google introduces scoped storage

With the launch of Android 11, Google will introduce "scooped storage", which will fundamentally change the way in which an app accesses data.

It allows mobile applications to read and save data in secure folders only – all with restricted access to photos, videos and audio. Scoped storage is specifically engineered for dealing with spyware and malware. It prevents them from accessing public data, and is thus designed to guarantee more security. However, there is the option for Google to grant enhanced access to its data manager and its backup managers and for other applications to remain on the scooped storage.

Using our software Circlon | mobility connect, you still have the option of storing all your data, in particular configurations for your applications, in the respective locations, and thus still being able to make use of the full functional range of their application. More and more applications are "relocating" their storage directory to the "enterprise area". It can only be accessed with additional software, e.g. ADB (= Android Debug Bridge) or manufacturer-specific software. Circlon | mobility connect can bypass this problem, with all files being stored in the designated storage location.

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