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As a leading solution provider, the Circlon | group offers solution concepts and individualised digitalisation options for waste disposal companies

Driver devices for digital processing of driving orders

Circlon | group supplied 250 industrial tablets as driver devices for the digital processing of driving orders for a renowned waste disposal company with 300 trucks and 145 service vehicles in its fleet. The tablet is based on the Android 7 Nougat operating system and, in addition to telecommunications and navigation, includes all the functions that are necessary for the drivers.

Digital process control

Instead of pen and paper for documentation purposes, the company is now using state-of-the-art digital control for process optimisation, thereby minimising the error rate quite significantly. In addition, the company is using GPS tracking devices in the test phase, with integrated warning systems for monitoring disposal bins.
As a solution provider, the Circlon | group is opting for the Graphmaster navigation software with swarm intelligence in a pilot project. The software makes optimised route suggestions for the fleet in daily traffic, thus ensuring time savings and lower emission values.

Monitoring waste bins with barcodes

The driver devices for waste bins are of great importance to waste disposal companies. For this reason, the Circlon | group has introduced the marking of bins with weather-resistant QR barcode identification labels for a large waste disposal company. Now it is possible to precisely locate around 3,000 containers in a depot and check their condition. Costs due to stolen and missing containers are now a thing of the past.

Driver devices optimise processes

The delivery of driver devices for the digitalisation of driving orders is also being tested. The collection of vehicle data by means of a standardised interface contributes to the successful processing of a driving order. After the dispatching department has set up the route planning, the drivers of a fleet receive their orders on the mobile driver device. They can document the activities there or start the navigation to the respective destination. In this way, processes are standardised and documented, and costs and time resources can be saved.

Entry and exit control linked to the customer system

On behalf of a recycling company, the Circlon | group deals with the recording of the fleet and its load during entry and exit. For this purpose, an entry and exit control system for trucks and bins was installed at this location using RFID or UHF (ultra-high frequency) identification. Company-owned trucks that pass the company premises at the entry and exit gates are registered by means of RFID tags in the windscreen. The respective bins carried by the truck also have a permanently installed UHF hard tag for identification and inventory. This is done via installed RFID outdoor readers with additional traffic light signalling, which indicates whether the tags have been collected. The collected data is then forwarded to the central customer system via an interface.

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