Circlon | group hires Senior Sales Manager Christian Cordes as specialist for the healthcare market

Christian Cordes joined the company in November to further establish Circlon | group as a solution provider for mobile applications and hardware in the healthcare market.

The projects implemented by the Circlon | group for its customers are complex and demanding. Therefore, personnel development with highly qualified employees is one of the company's key strategies. This is also reflected in the current appointment to the position of Senior Sales Manager.
By recruiting Christian Cordes, Circlon | group welcomes an expert to its sales team who has many years of experience in digital solutions for the healthcare industry and extensive know-how in the field of mobile data collection.

With an eye to the future and a large network to draw on

With Christian Cordes, the Circlon | group has gained a new colleague who can draw on many contacts in the healthcare industry, such as hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical, production and logistics companies as well as medical technology manufacturers. He is an ideal contact for clients from the healthcare industry who are looking for digital solutions that can give their institution and business an edge in an ever competitive market.

Lars Koernig-Kron, CEO of Circlon | group says of the position: "Christian Cordes is an asset to the group - especially as he has in-depth market experience in the healthcare segment, and will successfully implement it to further our growth in this segment. We are pleased that in future he will play a key role in developing Circlon | group as a solution provider."

Are you also interested in advancing a digitalisation project in the health sector? Contact Christian Cordes and arrange your individual consultation appointment: christian.cordes(at)

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