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Secure and easy data capture with Circlon | capture

Data capture has never been easier than directly in the intuitive Circlon | capture app. Save time, costs and nerves too - whether it's recording damage, vehicle inspections or services. (...)

Easily by hand

With photo and image-to-text functions, you can capture all data quickly and easily with just a few simple steps - no matter when or where. Because thanks to the offline-first concept, the app is always ready to use. Even after the application has been closed, already started captures can be resumed. You can then forward the data smoothly to any customer system via share or interface.


The design of Circlon | capture can be customized. Functional aspects can also be configured for an optimal workflow. For example, categories can be freely defined and built up, and the OCR field size can also be customized.

Where everything comes together

In the back office, you manage captured data easily and securely via the web-based platform, including filters, export and user management. Here you have all the information at a glance and can filter, view and export data in no time at all. Data collection made easy.



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